3 Trend-Proof Ideas for Your Classic Bathroom

Giving your bathroom a makeover is an enjoyable and fulfilling project to work on. However, there are instances when it will feel like your bathroom renovations or remodelling project look outdated after just a few years. This can be a bit disappointing because you may have to allot some time, effort and money again to restore your bathroom’s beauty and functionality. So if you want to have a stunning and practical bathroom that will not go out of style, our team got your back.

At Rockingham Bathroom Renovations, our proficient team has extensive experience in offering trendy ideas, contemporary styles and classic designs and fixtures for bathrooms. For this reason, we can help you build a bathroom that will stay chic and stylish no matter the season or trend. Whether you prefer a bathroom that can jive with your home’s ever-changing interior or wish to have a bathroom that will not look out of date even after a decade, our dependable crew can do the hard work for you. Let us help you jumpstart your home improvement project. Check out some of the trend-proof bathroom ideas we will share with you below.

Go for Subway Tiles

With the myriad of tile patterns, colours, finishes and styles, it can be a daunting step to choose the right surface material for your bathroom. Aside from the functionality of the tiles, you will purchase, it is also vital to pick a tile design that will not easily be outdated after just a few years.

Since tiles are commonly used on floors and walls, changing them every two to three years can be labour-intensive and costly. For this reason, we recommend a classic tile option that will not go out of fashion even after a decade. Subway tiles are still one of the most sought-after tile varieties since the 1900s. This tile offers a bright, sleek and minimalist style so you can ensure that your bathroom can look great and appealing no matter the season.

Stick to White

Although going all white may seem like a bad choice for bathrooms, it is still a proven and tested style trend that will not disappoint you. A white or off-white palette can work well with both contemporary and traditional bathroom themes, so you will not have a problem integrating it into your bathing space. Using white, off-white, or any neutral shade paints can lessen the need for repainting because they can seamlessly blend into any style preferences and specifications.

Sticking to a white palette doesn’t literally mean that every corner and fixture in your bathroom should be white. We advise that you use this palette for your walls, tiles, textiles, countertop and vanity area. If you are craving a burst of colour in your bathing space, you can integrate some hues in your windows, towels, mirrors, and cabinets. You can even add unique accents or lighting in your bathroom to upscale its curb appeal.

Used Mixed Metals

Metal fixtures and accents can do wonders in your bathroom. Mixing two types of metals in your space can help it look classy and timeless. Polished nickel and brass are among the excellent metals you can integrate into your bathroom. You can use these metals on the knobs of your cabinet, on your faucets, mirrors, light fixtures and other hardware in your bathing space. If you use metal fixtures, it might be best to invest in a high-quality and durable material to ensure that you can use them for a long time.

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