Top 5 Furniture for Your Bathroom

Suppose you wish to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and functional oasis in your bathroom. In that case, you have to consider various aspects aside from the essential components, which are the toilet, shower, or bathtub. Through years of development, there has been an increasing number of residents that strategically incorporate furniture units in their bathrooms to enhance the comfort and convenience of their space.

At Rockingham Bathroom Renovations, we want to merge the practical and aesthetic aspects of the bathrooms we renovate because we strive to create a relaxing space where people can unwind and rest. Let us look into the top furniture you can add to your bathroom. Check them out so you can have a source of inspiration for your next home improvement project.

Seating Spaces

Having a comfortable seating option in or outside your shower area can be an excellent feature in your bathroom. You can choose to have a simple stool you can conveniently move around the room or shower seats that can be a luxurious addition to your grooming area.

A short and simple metal stool can serve various purposes inside your bathroom. It can be a booster for your children who can’t reach the sink yet, a comfortable seat in your vanity area or a place where you can display decors and trinkets. A water-resistant and elegant shower seat, on the other hand, can be mounted to the wall. You can also opt to have one that can be folded up or down. Find the one that can best fit the available space in your bathroom. This seating alternative comes in a variety of lightweight and attractive designs, so you can easily find the one that will match the look you are going for.

Movable Angular Table

This furniture can provide you with extra storage space. Whether you prefer to have your toiletries next to your tub or beside your vanity area, an angular table can do it for you because it is mobile and functional. You can also use it as a place where you can put scented candles or gadgets when you are having a tranquil soak in the tub. Since they are flexible in design and movable, they can fit even a small bathroom.

Wall-Mounted Cabinets

If you prefer to have extra storage in your bathroom, but large cabinets will just eat up the space, a great alternative you can try is wall-mounted cabinets. There are wall-mounted cabinets in the market that features internal shelves that can be hidden by doors. This style will create a sleek and minimalist finish in your bathroom. The other varieties you can try are those with open shelves. This variety can be used to showcase bathroom products, decors and trinkets. You can also put aesthetic containers filled with your toiletries or cute vases holding indoor plants. These cabinets will not just add storage space to your bathroom. They can also add an interesting appeal to your space.

Room Dividers

If you want to define the space in your extensive bathroom, adding a practical room divider might be a good idea. You can designate a dressing area on one side of your bathroom, or you could also use it to hide your bathtub area and separate it from your shower. This smart solution can be crafted using various materials, and they can also be designed to seamlessly blend into your existing theme.

Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Unit

Vanity units are the storage space that can be installed beneath your sink. Since the area around the base of your sink will most likely be unused, you can maximize this space by adding a wall hung bathroom vanity unit. This furniture can be customized to efficiently fit your space. It is ideal for storing cleaning supplies, toiletries, towels, extra toilet papers and more.

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