Bathroom Lighting Tips and Tricks You Can Try

Can you efficiently apply makeup or shave when you are inside a dim bathroom? If the light source is only located on one side of the bathroom, it can also be dangerous for kids to navigate the area by themselves. On the other hand, the harsh glare of bulbs that are too bright might not be a good idea if you wish to set a relaxing feel in this space. Although optimal bathroom lighting might seem too complicated to accomplish, setting the right lighting for the bathroom is as important as picking the right fittings for your home.

At Rockingham Bathroom Renovations, we understand that the design and functionality of your bathroom can greatly depend on proper lighting. That is why our proficient experts strive to find smart solutions to help our clients enhance their bathroom lighting without a hassle. Here are some bathroom lighting tips and tricks you can try to outfit your bathroom with the right lighting solutions.

Bring in some natural light.

The best light source is still the sun, so as much as possible, make the most of the daylight in your bathroom. Waking up to a sunny day can considerably lift up your mood and help you jumpstart your day with a refreshed system. If you have great access to natural light, don’t hold back and think about installing big windows. We sometimes recommend floor-to-ceiling ones to achieve optimal lighting. However, if you previously have a small window and your bathroom, you can also opt to just add more.

The main concern about big windows is privacy but don’t worry because we got you covered. Blinds and shutters that are suitable for bathroom use are some of the best solutions we can recommend. Besides that, you can also choose frosted and obscure glass panels or tinted or frosted film for your existing windows.

Install task lighting.

Installing task lighting is a total game-changer. Some may think that one bulb in the ceiling is enough to keep the bathroom well-lit. However, if you want to wing that makeup look and avoid those tiny yet painful cuts from speed-shaving, adding sconce or pendant lights on each side of your vanity mirror can be your go-to solution. Remember that you should avoid placing task lights above your bathroom mirror because they will cast shadows on your face. Besides that, if there are no spaces on the sides of your vanity, you can just opt to mount the light sources on the mirror.

Find a good source of ambient lighting.

If you don’t have a way to access natural light or your windows are small, the next option you have is to find a good source of ambient lighting. This layer of lighting is the one that can illuminate the entire bathroom. If your bathroom has tall ceilings, you can opt for light fixtures with a cove design or cantilever details. Besides that, flush mounts and pendant fixtures are also some of the most popular alternatives.

Don’t forget to sprinkle some accent lighting.

If you wish to add a unique and aesthetic vibe to your bathroom, accent lighting can be of key importance. A variety of small recessed spotlights can help you accentuate decorations, artworks, or fixtures in your bathroom. You can also attach some accent lighting to your shower area to highlight your aesthetic tile work.

Dimmers can be your best friend.

Bright lights are ideal for executing daily grooming tasks, but there are times where you might just want to relax and change the ambience in your bathroom. Dimmers are an excellent solution to control the light and efficiently change the mood of your space. Although they are popularly used for bedrooms, dimmers are also a great addition to your bathroom.

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